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The Royal Route is the primary tourist route in Krakow. We will show you the most important out of the city: the Royal Castle and the heart of Krakow – the Main Market Square. We also answer the question why someone is playing the trumpet every hour? We will suggest where to shop, eat lunch or romantic dinner. You will also learn what to do after a guided tour (a balloon ride, a boat trip, a visit to the Mound). Come and meet our Krakow guides.

Jewish Kazimierz is associated with a centuries-old history of the Jews in Krakow, ended tragically with the outbreak of World War II. The episode connected with the figure of Oskar Schindler presented world-famous movie director, winner of multiple Oscars - Steven Spielberg in the film "The Schindler's List". Our guides will show you the unique atmosphere of the city, places for the movie and will introduce the mystery of Jewish culture.

The Salt Mine Wieliczka is the oldest salt enterprise on Polish land dating back to the Middle Ages. For centuries it was the source of the country’s wealth and the material foundation of its culture. Today it is the most popular Polish tourist attraction.

Auschwitz was the largest of the German Nazi concentration camps and extermination centers (1940-1945). Lost their lives here more than 1.1 million men, women and children. Authentic Memorial are two parts of the camp: Auschwitz and Birkenau. The visit with the educator allows a better understanding of this unique place.

If you don’t have much time, but want to visit as much as possible, we recommend The Royal Route and Jewish Kazimierz in 3 hours.

Wadowice - the little town where John Paul II was born.
You can visit his house and the church where he was baptized.
Czestochowa - a city famous for the Pauline monastery where the miraculous image of the Black Madonna is. The most sacred place for Poles.


We kindly invite you for a tour to the very beautiful area of Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. It is the land full of caves, castles and unusual limestone cliffs, ravines and rock formations. The most interesting places to visit are: the Renaissance Castle in Pieskowa Skala, the King's Lokietek Cave, the ruins of the mediaeval Ogrodzieniec Castle, the unusual rock called "Hercules' Club", the Cracow Gate, and the Błędowska Desert - the largest accumulation of loose sand in an area away from any sea in Europe.

The winter capital of Poland, is a lovely town situated at the foothills of the majestic Tatra mountains. It has a population of 30,000 inhabitants. In summer it is very popular with hill walkers and mountain climbers and in winter with the winter sports enthusiasts. Zakopane is the starting or finishing point for hiking expeditions but the town itself also offers a variety of attractions for visitors. The architecture of this region is quite unique. Houses are all constructed from wood. Many are decorated with elaborate floral motifs. Krupowki Street, the most popular pedestrian road, is lined with restaurants and taverns where local specialities are served.